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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Put a little ART in your life!

Put a little ART in your life!

Put a little ART in your life! Put a little ART in your life! Put a little ART in your life!

Benefits of hosting The Art of Life events

New Customers


Most attendees have never been to your venue before. The average painting event usually has 15-25 customers 

Return business and increased revenue


Wow them with your service! Most attendees say they will return to your venue.

Revenue per event can vary, but expect $200-$500.  

The Perfect price


It is completely free to host The Art of Life!!



You can have us for a single event or as a recurring part of your month. We often set up weekly, or bi-weekly event schedules with our venues. 



The Art of Life does all our own marketing, we bring the people to you. That said, we get better attendance when venues co-brand with us. 

By putting us on your event schedules and announcements we can access a wider range of attendees. 

The Art of life staff will provide you with marketing material and images as needed. 

What we need from you


  1. A semi-private space that can comfortably seat 15+ guests
  2. A dedicated server to increase food and drink sales (we recommend running a feature for The Art of Life guests)
  3. Four+ hours to set up, run and clean up the event
  4. The ability to use our mic set for instruction and music 

Sound amazing?

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